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Pocho by Jose Antonio Villarreal :: Mexican Culture Catholicism Book Review

Pocho by Jose Antonio Villarreal Numerous individuals would express that to be brought into the world a Mexican is to be brought into the world a Catholic. This propagating generalization has constrained numerous Mexican families to bring up their youngsters as though no different religions choices even existed. In the book Pocho by Jose Antonio Villarreal a little fellow by the name of Richard Rubio winds up being raised Catholic by a conventional Mexican family. Richard, battling to discover his place on the planet, has his folks strict convictions pushed down on him constraining him to comply with a religion he doesn't concur with. Over the span of the novel the Catholic strict convictions forced on Richard influenced his character from multiple points of view. Before the finish of the book unmistakably not permitting others to locate their own otherworldly calling can effectsly affect their capacity to perceive what their identity is. A significant number of the otherworldly issues Richard faces in book are basi c to various Mexican youngsters. Using my own encounters in being in a circumstance like that of Richard's, I plan to help my case that constrained convictions may effectsly affect an individual. When the fundamental character Richard is brought into the story line we gain proficiency with his convictions about god before we even get familiar with his name. Maybe Villarreal, even this early, is tiring to show perusers that in the Mexican American culture religion, explicitly Catholicism, assumes an amazingly enormous job. Richard conveys his Virgin Mary picture home which he got as a prize for being the first in quite a while age gathering to become familiar with the questioning securing it in his hanky. The Catholic Church has frequently remunerated individuals for their accomplishments when relating to contemplating their religion with the expectation that they will urge them to stay catholic. At the point when I went to instruction I was constantly remunerated for having impeccable participation. This thought you will be remunerated for an accomplishment or participation might be a path for the congregation to ensure you are there each Sunday and acting great. Richard clai ms that the image had little an incentive to him yet it was an image of acknowledgment. Most likely he would return home and present it to his mom realizing that it being from the congregation would mean a great deal to her. Ordinarily I would do something very similar with my tokens of acknowledgment, posting them gladly on the fridge, not on the grounds that it merited anything, but since of the applause I would got for it.

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Present Case Is Offer A Legal Advice Frank â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Examine About The Present Case Is Offer A Legal Advice Frank? Answer: Introducation Organization is an extraordinary sort of financialagreement between the two gatherings where one gathering called as chief has stretched out some lawful power to other gathering called operator to make lawful agreement with the outsider for the benefit of the head. Thus, it tends to be said in office law essentially three gatherings are included for example Head, operator, outsider (Pont, 2008). At the point when specialist with adequate authority has established an agreement with the outsider, at that point in such cases the authoritative commitment gets official on the head. The chief is obligated to satisfy the authoritative obligations for the outsider just when the specialist who has established the agreement with the outsider has the essential power (Cassidy, 2013). In the event that any of the beneath featured power exists with the operator, at that point the authoritative obligation is legitimate on head. Standard/Actual power (Express Implied position) Authority of need Apparent/clear position Genuine position At the point when the chief has stretched out the position to operator in composed structure or in oral structure, at that point it would be named as express power. Further, when the chief doesn't in reality express the power however has expanded the position/assignment/title to play out some work, at that point in such cases it has been accepted that operator has the approval to play out the work for the benefit of the head (Edlin, 2007). The main case in this respects is Watteau v Fenwick[1893] 1 QB 346 case. In such cases, it is basic that the particular chief hosts educated the third gatherings with respect to the degree of approval of the specialist (Harris, 2014). Apparent/evident position In such power, the chief doesn't mean to offer position to operator yet because of his activity the outsider accept that the specialist has approval. The direct speaks to that the operator has lawful power to sanction the agreement with outsider and henceforth in such cases, the legally binding commitment is relevant on head. Freeman Lockyer v Buckhurst Park Properties[1964] 1 All ER 630 case is the declaration of this perspective (Pathinayake, 2014). Authority of need The specialist has played out certain demonstrations with the outsider so as to secure the enthusiasm of the head. The judgment given in Great Northern Railway Co. vSwaffield(1874)LR 9 Ex 132 case is the case of organization of need. At the point when any of the above power isn't stretched out by the head to the operator, at that point in such cases, Management isn't subject to finish the authoritative commitment with the outsider. The Yonge v Toynbee[1910] 1 KB 215 case is the declaration of this. There are a few obligations of the trustee gatherings of the organization relationship which are outfitted beneath (Pont, 2008): Obligation of specialist towards the head Adheres to the guidance of head In the event that not, at that point the chief has lawful rights to recuperate the harms from specialist or sue operator) Guardian obligation It is essential that operators direct should show great confidence of the head. The primary components are demonstrated as follows (Harvey, 2009): On the off chance that it has been discovered that specialist has made agreement for his own advantage, at that point chief can sue operator and case for harms as given in Christie v Harcourt[1973] 2 NZLR 139 case. Specialist should make mystery benefit for the benefit of chief as featured in Bentley v Craven(1853) 52 ER 29 case. Abuse of secret data by the operator according to Robb v Green[1895] 2 QB 315 case. On the off chance that the specialist has penetrated the trustee obligations, at that point chief has the privileges to sue the operator and recoup the misfortunes. It is important that when the chief hosts not educated the third get-together in regards to the withdrawal of any authority from the specialist and the operator has authorized the agreement with the outsider, at that point in such cases the enthusiasm of the outsider would be secured under precedent-based law. Additionally, the chief is subject to fulfill the legally binding commitments coordinated towards the outsider. On the off chance that chief denies doing as such, at that point the outsider can sue the head or guarantee for the harms (Edlin, 2007). Application It is obvious from the case realities that Frank (the head) has selected Gemma as a salesman for his shop. Gemma is functioning as a business operator for Frank which implies she has the power to offer the machines to clients for the benefit of Frank. Additionally, Tom is the client who is prepared to purchase a dishwasher for $350 has educated Gemma about the equivalent. Be that as it may, Gemma has called her niece and has sold her dishwasher for $300. She doesn't educate Frank about this case and later on Tom has educated about the equivalent to Frank. It very well may be seen that Gemmas has directed the work for individual intrigue and has penetrated the guardian obligation. In this way, Frank can recoup the harm of $50 from her. It is evident that Frank has approved Bob to sell clothes washers and to order contract with laundries. In any case, because of Bobs late coming and drinking propensity, Frank has terminated Bob from work. Further, Frank hosts neglected to educate the third gathering Angela in regards to the withdrawal of obligations from Bob. Henceforth, Angela didn't know that Bob doesn't have the essential approval and subsequently, she instituted the agreement under great confidence in this way moving $10,000. Additionally, it is observable that Bob has the express position to act bookkeeping to Angela. In this manner, Frank needs to finish the authoritative obligation or, more than likely Angela can sue him for breaking the agreement. End It tends to be finished up from the over that Frank can sue Gemma for penetrating the guardian obligations and working for encouraging her own advantage. Thus, Frank can recuperate the harm of $50 from Gemma. In second case, Frank doesn't advise Angela in regards to the withdrawal of approval from Bob. Subsequently, Frank is limited with the legally binding commitments with Angela which was entered by her in compliance with common decency. Reference Cassidy, J. (2013). Partnerships Law Text and Essential Cases (fourth ed.). Sydney: Federation Press. Edlin, D. (2007). Precedent-based law hypothesis (fourth ed.). Cambridge: University Press Cambridge. Harris, J. (2014). Partnerships Law (second ed.). Sydney: LexisNexis Study Guide. Harvey, C. (2009). Establishments of Australian law (second ed.). Prahran, Vic.: Tilde University Press. Pathinayake, A. (2014). Business and business law (second ed.). Sydney :Thomson-Reuters. Pont D.E.G. (2008) Law of Agency (second ed.). Sydney: Lexis Nexis Butterworths. Answer: Obligation of operator towards the head Reference

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All the Transition Words Youll Ever Need for Academic Writing

All the Transition Words Youll Ever Need for Academic Writing In academic writing, transitions are the glue that holds your ideas together. Without them, your writing would be illogical and lack flow, making it difficult for your audience to understand or replicate your research.In this article, we will discuss the types of transitions based on their purpose. Familiarizing yourself with these most-used and best transition terms for academic writing will help bring clarity to your essays and make the writing process much easier on you.Like the links on a chain, transition words hold an academic paper together and make ideas flow logically. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.Types of transitionsThere are four types of transitions: Causal, Sequential, Adversative and Additive. Below, weve listed the most commonly used transitions in each of these categories, as well as examples of how they might be used to begin a paragraph or sentence.CausalWhen you use causal transitions, you are letting your reader know that there is a cause-and-effect relation ship between ideas or paragraphs or consequences.Accordingly (Accordingly, the author states…)All else being equal (All else being equal, these ideas correlate…)As a consequence (As a consequence, all data were aggregated…)As a result (of this) (As a result of this finding, scholars now agree…)Because (of the fact that) (Because of the fact that these numbers show signs of declining,…)Because (of this) (Because of this, scholars determined…)Consequently (Consequently, the research was stalled…)Due to (the fact that) (Due to the fact that all prior studies showed similar results,…)For the purpose(s) of (For the purposes of our argument, we will…)For this reason (For this reason, the researchers…)Granted (that) (Granted that the numbers were significantly higher, the study…)Granting (that) (Granting that the data was collected incorrectly, the researchers felt…)If…then (If this data is significant, then it is obvious that…)If so (If so, the data is not usea ble…)In the event (In the event that it is not significant, we should consider that…)Inasmuch as (Insomuch as the authors attempt to refute these findings, research suggests that…)In the hope that (In the hope that new data will encourage more in-depth research, the author found that….)In that case (In that case, weve found that…)Only if (Only if data is insubstantial should findings be ignored, thus…)Otherwise (Otherwise, the research would continue…)Owing to (the fact) (Owing to the fact that the gathered data is incorrect, …)Provided (that) (Provided that the same results occur, we can assume that…)Since (Since it would seem futile to continue to study this topic, we posit that…)So as to (So as to clarify past remarks, we initiated further research…)So long as (So long as there is established credibility, this journal seeks….)So much (so) that (The data is manipulated so much so that it cant be used to clarify…)Therefore (Therefore, this result compromis es the exploration into…)That being the case (That being the case, we should look into alternatives…)Thus (Thus, it would see that further research…)Unless (Unless this calls to question the original hypothesis, the exploration of this topic would be…)With (this fact) in mind (With this fact in mind, lets consider another alternative…)Under those circumstances (Under those circumstances, fewer participants…)SequentialSequential transitions show a numerical sequence or the continuation of a thought or action. They are used to establish an order to your main points in an academic essay, and help create a logical outline for your writing.(Once) again (Once again, this is not a reason for lack of rigor…)After (this) (After this, it would seem most prudent to…)Afterwards (Afterwards, it seemed a moot point to determine…)Altogether (Altogether, these data suggest that…)Anyway (Anyway, such loss would prove to be damaging..)As (was) mentioned earlier/above (As was menti oned above, the lack of attention given to…)As (was) stated before (As was stated before, there is little evidence show…)As a final point (As a final point, consider the connection between…)At any rate (At any rate, loss of significance was vital to…)By the way (By the way, one cant assume that…)Coincidentally (Coincidentally, this affected the nature of…)Consequently (Consequently, Smith found that…)Eventually (Eventually, more was needed to sustain…)Finally (Finally, we now know that…First (First, it seems that even with the additional data…)First of all (First of all, none of the respondents felt that…)Given these points (Given these points, its easy to see that…)Hence (Hence, we see that the above details…)In conclusion (In conclusion, since the data shows significant growth...)In summary (In summary, there are not enough studies to show the correlation…)In the (first/second/third) place (In the first place, we found that…)Incidentally (Incidentally , no findings showed a positive outlook…)Initially (Initially, we noticed that the authors….)Last (Last, the most significant growth appeared to happen when…)Next (Next, its important to note that…)Overall (Overall, we found that….)Previously (Previously, it was shown that…)Returning to the subject (Returning to the subject, careful observation of trends…)Second (Second, it was impossible to know the…)Secondly (Secondly, in looking at variable related to…)Subsequently (Subsequently, we found that…)Summarizing (this) (Summarizing this, the authors noted that…)Therefore (Therefore, the connection is unknown between…)Third (Third, when data were collected…)Thirdly (Thirdly, we noticed that…)Thus (Thus, there was no evidence that…)To conclude (To conclude, the findings suggest that…)To repeat (To repeat, no studies found evidence that…)To resume (To resume the conversation, we began discussing…)To start with (To start with, there is no evidence that†¦)To sum up (To sum up, significant correlation was found…)Ultimately (Ultimately, no studies found evidence of…)Adversative TransitionsAdversative transitions show contrast, counter arguments or an alternative suggestion.Above all (Above all, we found that…Admittedly (Admittedly, the findings suggest that…)All the same (All the same, without knowing which direction the study would take…)Although (Although much is to be learned from…)At any rate (At any rate, we concluded that...)At least (At least, with these results, we can…)Be that as it may (Be that as it may, there was no significant correlation between…)Besides (Besides, it is obvious that…)But (But, the causal relationship between…)By way of contrast (By the way of contrast, we note that…)Conversely (Conversely, there was no correlation between…)Despite (this) (Despite this, the findings are clear in that…)Either way (Either way, studies fail to approach the topic from…)Even more (Even more, we can conclude that…)Even so (Even so, there is a lack of evidence showing…)Even though (Even though the participants were unaware of which ….)However (However, it becomes clear that…)In any case (In any case, there were enough reponses…)In any event (In any event, we noted that…)In contrast (In contrast, the new data suggests that…)In fact (In fact, there is a loss of…)In spite of (this) (In spite of this, we note that…)Indeed (Indeed, it becomes clear that…)Instead (of) (Instead of publishing our findings early, we chose to)More/Most importantly (More importantly, there have not been any…)Nevertheless (Nevertheless, it becomes clear that…)Nonetheless (Nonetheless, we failed to note how…)Notwithstanding (this) (Notwithstanding this, there was little evidence…)On the contrary (On the contrary, no active users were…)On the other hand (On the other hand, we cannot avoid…)Primarily (Primarily, it becomes significant as…)Rather (Rather, none of this is relev ant…)Regardless (of) (Regardless of previous results, the authors…)Significantly (Significantly, there was little correlation between…)Still (Still, nothing was noted in the diary…)Whereas (Whereas little evidence has been given to…)While (While causality is lacking…)Yet (Yet, it becomes clear that…)Additive TransitionsYoull use an additive transition to relate when new information is being added or highlighted to something that was just mentioned.Additionally (Additionally, it can be noted that…)Also (Also, there was no evidence that….)As a matter of fact (As a matter of fact, the evidence fails to show…)As for (this) (As for this, we can posit that…)By the same token (By the same token, no studies have concluded…)Concerning (this) (Concerning this, there is little evidence to…)Considering (this) (Considering this, we must then return to…)Equally (Equally, there was no correlation…)Especially (Especially, the study reveals that…)For example (For exam ple, a loss of ones….)For instance (For instance, there was little evidence showing…)Furthermore (Furthermore, a lack of knowledge on…)In a similar way (In a similar way, new findings show that…)In addition to (In addition to this new evidence, we note that…)In fact (In fact, none of the prior studies showed…)In other words (In other words, there was a lack of…)In particular (In particular, no relationship was revealed…)In the same way (In the same way, new studies suggest that…)Likewise (Likewise, we noted that…)Looking at (this information) (Looking at this information, its clear to see how…)Moreover (Moreover, the loss of reputation of…)Namely (Namely, the authors noted that…)Not only…but also (Not only did the study reveal new findings, but also it demonstrated how….)Notably (Notably, no other studies have been done…)On the subject of (this) (On the subject of awareness, participants agreed that….)One example (of this is) (One example of this is how the new data…)Particularly (Particularly, there is little evidence showing…)Regarding (this) (Regarding this, there were concerns that…)Similarly (Similarly, we note that…)Specifically (Specifically, there were responses that…)That is (That is, little attention is given to…)The fact that (The fact that the participants felt misinformed…)This means (that) (This means that conclusive findings are…)To illustrate (To illustrate, one participant wrote that….)To put it another way (To put it another way, there is little reason to…)What this means is (What this means is the authors failed to…)With regards to (this) (With regards to this, we cannot assume that…)Making the choiceWhen deciding which transition would best fit in each instance, keep in mind a few of these tips:Avoid using the same transition too much, as it could make your writing repetitive.Check at the beginning of each paragraph to ensure that a) youve included a transition, if one was needed, an d b) its the correct transition to accurately relate the type of logical connection youre forming between ideas.Be sure that if you are using sequential transitions, they match. For example, if you use first to highlight your first point, second should come next, then third, etc. You wouldnt want to use first, followed by secondly.

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My Testimony Is Not An Epic - 1265 Words

My testimony is not an epic, one which I could recount to a congregation â€Å"ooh’s, ahh’s and amens.† It has no epic turn of events whereby this sinner sees the error of his ways through the love of Christ. Nor does my story have an exact beginning or an end. It’s not likely it will be made into a movie, let alone a TV drama, sitcom or even a short video on youtube. My story is, in many ways, simply ordinary. The psychologist Abraham Maslow once said, â€Å"The sacred is in the is to be found in one s daily life, in one s neighbors, friends, and family, in one s own backyard†¦Ã¢â‚¬  The sacred, that which is connected with God, Maslow explains, is everywhere. There is no point, in Maslow’s mind, for turning to a God for the miraculous because life itself is a miracle. Maslow’s sentiment is sentimental but not a complete description of ordinary life. While we should take life seriously and see blessings in the people around us my ordinary life would not be sacred had I not been turned to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his saving grace. My ordinary life is sinful. My â€Å"default† setting when I wake up in the morning is that of rebellion against God without the power of the Holy Spirit actively working in me to stop this. I wake up every day easily angered by others, frustrated with a myriad of normal problems and not ready to thank God for what I have been given. Maybe my friends and family are a miracle but I’m too blind on my own to recognize that which is God’s gift,Show MoreRelatedDifferences Between Cuneiform And Cuneiform1229 Words   |  5 Pagesas well (World History Sources). 5. What is your response to the documentary, Erasing Memory? Do â€Å"we† have a moral obligation to â€Å"protect† art? How does the work by experts and curators compare to The Monuments Men’s work? (lookup organization). In my opinion, the documentary Erasing Memory displayed unfortunate events. After watching the scenes of the women extremely irate at the destruction of their nation’s history, I do think we have a moral obligation to protect art. Art tells the history ofRead Moreverbatim theatre1280 Words   |  6 Pagesto this as it forces it audiences to confront serious issues and offers conventions that shy away from â€Å"fantasy† world. Verbatim theatre is from of documentary theatre in which plays are constructed from the exact words and testimonies from interviewed people. These testimonies are based of people opinions to a traumatic event, which has affected a community in some way. Through the use of constructivism, Brechtian and Boal techniques, authenticity and the elements of drama; audiences are presentedRead MoreThe Epic Of Homer s The Odyssey965 Words   |  4 PagesAn individual s characteristics are the key to their conduct and this is very true in Homer s the Odyss ey, which takes place in 700 BC in the Mediterranean, near Greece. The epic story is about a Greek hero, named Odysseus, who has left his home country to fight in the Trojan War twenty years earlier. The focus of the epic and his mission now is to make his way back home to Ithaca. On his way, he shows some great qualities along with strengths that influence the course of his journey. Despite OdysseusRead MoreAntagonist: A Stepping Stone for the Protagonist Essay592 Words   |  3 PagesAntagonist: Stepping Stone for Protagonist A powerful antagonist is crucial to the development of any protagonist in an epic film. The director’s Gladiator, Ridley Scott and Zack Synder 300, validate this without fault. The themes of duty, betrayal and death in both films captivate the villainous nature of the antagonist, which in turn brings out the heroic qualities of the protagonist. Maximus Decimus Meridius together with King Leonidas are admired for their noble qualities and possess many commendableRead MoreWhy I Wouldn t Go Back Essay898 Words   |  4 Pagesfemininity and no athleticism, my enrollment at an all-boys Catholic prep school seemed less like a privilege and more akin to a sick joke. Having bumped into my former classmates over the years, I know most recall me for coming out senior year, but breaking down barriers was not what motivated me; instead, I merely hoped owning my homosexuality would end the incessant need to call me a â€Å"faggot.† Under the pain, you can find some good memories p eppered in there, like my participation in Speech and DebateRead MoreEpic Failure at Boot Camp795 Words   |  3 Pagespreparation, my, self perceived, athletic ability and wits would propel me to triumph over the challenges presented by boot camp .After all, I had never really experienced any kind of significant failure in my life: my football team won the league championship year after year, I passed all of my classes, I had lots of friends, and I had a happy home with two working parent’s life was good, it seemed everything was an immediate success. That is until I arrived at boot camp, where epic failure appearedRead MoreNo Escape From The Incessant Dream918 Words   |  4 Pagescivil rights leaders of the century, as well as being a Baptist Minister. Yet the dream for Dr. King. was simple when he said, I have a dream my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged for the color of their skin but by the content of their character. (Na chbar, Lause 459) Dr. King speech is more like a testimony of truth, rather than a speech. At the time of his speech African Americans were not free, while the Declaration of Independence states that allRead MoreThe Accomplishments Of The Whitney Houston1565 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"As I lay me down, heaven hear me now. I’m lost without a cause, after giving it my all. Winter storms have come, and darkened my sun. After all that I’ve been through, who on earth can I turn to? I look to you,† quoted from the song â€Å"I Look to You† by Whitney Houston. Whitney Houston came out with this song after she got out of rehab, making it seem like it was her recovery song or letting her world of fans know she was back. Everyone always has a â€Å"rough patch† in life whether they wantRead MoreBeowulf: The Epic Hero1159 Words   |  5 Pages Beowulf, written between the 8th and 10th centuries, is an epic poem set in southern Sweden. The poem illustrates the Anglo-Saxon’s strong belief in the heroic code. The loyalty between the warrior and his king bound the culture together. The warrior was the ultimate hero who represented strength and courage. Beowulf, the hero in the poem, illustrates the Germanic principles of the heroic code. Through the battles and character interactions, Beowulf converges loyalty, strength, courage andRead MoreBook Review : Inferno 1595 Words   |  7 Pagesthe intriguing title, history of the work, attention to detail in symbolism and emotions, controversy in the plot, or all of the above. Born in Florence dating back to 1265, Dante Alighieri, not only the author, but also the protagonist, undergoes an epic adventure through the treacherous pits of Hell. Due to its outdated language from 13th and 14th century, many translators interpret the classic story all over the world. Mary J o Bang, the author of six books of poetry, claims a spot one of them. Craig

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The Theory Of The Choice Theory - 1652 Words

I see that there are multiple criminology theories as I read this book and one of the first theories that I’ll be discussing is the Choice Theory. Now for this theory I believe that the character, Jessica, fits perfectly into it. I believe this because for the Choice Theory it is about the belief that people choose to commit a crime. Seeing the opportunities before them and knowing the benefit is better versus the consequences and to decide whether to continue to commit the criminal activity or not to proceed to commit it. This mainly focuses on the idea that we all have the choice in life to do our actions. Now because of the punishment involved, people are more cautious of committing the crime. We see this theory happening by fifth†¦show more content†¦This theory is also somewhat similar to another theory called the Classical Theory. For those that do not understand what this theory is about. It is that a person thinks before they commit the actions of criminal activities. However, they still commit the crime because of their own free will to do so. Going back to Jessica in the fifth chapter seeing that she has her own free will to choose to commit the crime. It’s not that Boy George is holding her against her own will. No she’s willing to commit these criminal acts for the purpose of self-gains. Just like when I discussed on the second paragraph, Jessica was living a terrible environment until she met Boy George. After meeting him and believing that they were â€Å"together† she been having a better life, even though she’s still in poverty. She’s been getting her own clothing, her family is receiving good amounts of food, Jessica and her family are able to go out to places. She was never able to do any of that before and why is that? It is because she chooses in her â€Å"own free will† (Classical Theory) to accept Boy George into her life. Knowing about his criminal activates that he commits and she accepts the consequences of it in order to have personal gains, which is what the Choice Theory is about. Another criminological theory I can think about coming into play for Jessica role is the Social Disorganization Theory. This theory is about a person’s physical and social environments as one

Soc/100 Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Media Analysis Free Essays

Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Media Analysis Amy SOC/100 November 7, 2011 Robert Murray Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Media Analysis The show I chose is called The Big Bang Theory. The show is a comedy show themed around a group of nerdy scientists who are neighbors with a beautiful outgoing waitress. One of the nerds has a romantic interest in the neighbor but thinks he has no chance with her as she is out of his league. We will write a custom essay sample on Soc/100 Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Media Analysis or any similar topic only for you Order Now There is definite social inequality here as the nerds see themselves below the neighbor’s status in regards to relationships and finding love. Some scenes that apply to the social theme are when you see all the â€Å"nerds† at work it is clear that they are in the science field. There are microscopes, periodic tables, beakers, and math equations on chalk and dry erase boards. The â€Å"nerds† defiantly dress the part of the nerd. One wears thick black rimmed glasses, another is tall, skinny, and wears his t-shirts tucked into his pants. One of the nerds is from India and seems shy and does not talk to any female counterpart, or any other female for that matter. The last â€Å"nerd† has a bowl haircut and it seems he tries too hard to fit in with a crowd he will never fit into. He wears leopard silk pajamas to bed and has a bowl haircut. There is defiantly a leader of the group as the other nerds follow him around and he seems to do a bigger portion of the talking. The female neighbor is very confident in the way she walks and dresses at times a bit provocatively. When the neighbor is around the nerd with the glasses tends to get nervous and a bit looser in his posture. He almost seems to cower to her, almost as if to hide from her when she is in a room. He clearly adores her with the way he looks at her when she is around. He does talk to her however; she tends to dominate the conversations. He seems to enjoy being around her and talking to her even though he is very nervous. The female neighbor also surprisingly seems to enjoy talking to the nerd in the glasses as she isn’t as closed off to him as she is with the others. She looks at him when he talks to her and she isn’t crossing her arms or turning away from him. It seems though that they do not hang out socially outside of their apartment building except for the times the â€Å"nerds† eat at the restaurant the neighbor works at. In some of the situations I see the nerd with the glasses and the neighbor it leads me to believe that something romantic will happen eventually. I think when people look at relationships they tend to think each of the individuals as equals socially. Most people seem to think that couples come from the same social circles and it is not often you would see a young beautiful woman with a shy science nerd. The same goes for say an older man or woman with a younger person. Many people would say it’s inappropriate for older people to date those younger than them, while others think opposites attract. So when it comes to the science nerd and the beautiful neighbor I hope they get the chance to have a relationship with each other, maybe it will take them out of their norm and give them a chance to experience something new. Things would be pretty boring if we were all the same and people didn’t shake things up a bit! How to cite Soc/100 Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Media Analysis, Papers

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Mars Incorporated free essay sample

Mars is one of the world’s largest privately owned businesses with annual purchasing of $4 billion. The company is now running an online auction to induce competition and reduce the sourcing cost. In this case, the objective is to buy packages from multiple suppliers at the minimum possible cost. There are 12 different SKUs to be fulfilled from 7 different suppliers. Here is the bidding sequence: During the analysis, we will analyze the problem and ignore the constraint of the number of winning bidders and maximum total winning bids by each supplier. Analysis: First, we decide to build base model for analysis. In the base model, we find there are two allocation methods both achieving the minimum possible cost $ 4470. But based on the tie-breaking rules, we find out the option 2 can fulfill the bidding requirement earlier than option 1. Therefore, we recommend to choose Option 2. Option 1 Option 2 Supplier 2, 1, 6, 3, 7 consist the bidding package. During the optimization, we impose binary constraints to the number of bid instead of integer constraints since we assume Mars can not accept the same bid for multiple times. We will write a custom essay sample on Mars Incorporated or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page What if Scenario: To exam the sensitivity of constraints, we run the sensitivity report as below: Therefore, the manager should defer the additional order to the next procurement cycle. (instead, he will encourage retailers to buy other Mars products) As we see the shadow price is 999 for 1500 medium LHS hence the cost will increase by $999. additional constraints for procurement: As noted in the case, cost is not the only objective that Mars cares about. Since these suppliers have worked with Mars for many years, factors such as fairness, reciprocity, and balance influence actual allocation of winners. However, before Mars address these issues, they need to think about the impact on the procurement cost. Keanu and Steve decide to examine one issue at a time in isolation. Location: [Fairfox initiative] Suppliers 6 and 7 are located near Mars headquarters in Fairfox, VA. If Mars wants to guarantee that at least one of the package suppliers is located in Fairfox, the total procurement cost would have no change. Since the optimal option does include supplier 7. Should Mar’s Guarantee Business for Strategic Suppliers? MAR’s considers suppliers 1, 3, 5 as strategic partners for MARS as they supply packages for both confectionary and non-confectionary food products. If a constraint is placed that each of these suppliers win at-least one bid what are the effects on the cost? What is supplier 1 has a minimum order amount? Supplier 1 refuses to supply if the winning amount total is less than $500. MAR’s needs to decide whether to allocate any orders to supplier 1 or no. Assumption: The above constraint that 1,3,5 are strategic partners is relaxed and the solution with lowest cost is most optimal We decomposed this into two scenario’s detailed in the excel as Q5 (1) and Q5 (2) For scenario 1 the constraint we placed is that the sum value of orders for supplier 1 be greater than equal to 1 The sourcing cost turns out to be $5147 and the supplier combination is as below Bid.